Just like Dylan’s Mr Jones

Interview Thursday, job offer Friday – I can’t express the relief I felt. I took the call on the train to London with a pal as we were off to see The Who, Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs and Johnny Marr at Hyde Park. What a joy, a great day of music ( and a few beers if I’m entirely honest!), crappy food after said beers and an uncomfortable night sleep in a mistakenly booked double bed ( my friend hogged the bed and broke wind repeatedly in a Beer soaked, kebab induced snore fest).
Still, I had shared the good news with family who promptly congratulated me, told the neighbours who had been concerned about the amount of time I was spending at home.

All was good, I returned from London with a bit of a swagger, Rock and Roll and an end to unemployment.
Monday came, no call.

Tuesday, they must be re cutting areas to get me in.

Wednesday, start to feel dread.

Thursday – The call – “We offered you the job as we were making an acquisition, we no longer are. We’ll keep your details and be in touch if anything changes.”

This is different to a standard rejection. It is an acceptance followed by a change in circumstance, and four months in, it hurts.


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