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How it all began – The Killing Floor

After three days years of great success with my last employer, All change hold on to your hats! As is often the case (I guess), a change at the top changed the world pretty quickly. Within 4 weeks my line manager had disappeared citing a family bereavement.

My colleagues and I all new something was a miss. Sure enough, two days before Christmas came the call from my manager to confirm that they were leaving and the circumstances surrounding this were dark and sinister. Actually, I just made that up, transparently, they had been offered a lesser role which was unpalatable. I felt very sorry for her and also knew that a similar situation was likely headed my way. I decided to keep this feeling from my wife and grin through Christmas. Christmas was great but I did feel a sense of foreboding.

Sure enough we were all called into “that meeting” in early Jan to be told our roles were at risk of redundancy. Numb – I heard “Killing floor” in my head as I walked out, and we were all, all 7 of us numb – knowing there would be an agenda, knowing we would be pitted against each other in some god awful assessment. The feeling of dread did not go away, rather it dwelt and hung like a waiting tempest clinging to every area of life until decisions were made. We had been told to re apply, and we would be interviewed against the new job description and voluntary redundancy “may be considered.” When I had my one to one I asked for my figures and could tell that this had not been part of the master plan…